Here at En Route, we believe North America’s great outdoors are best experienced through camping: immersed in the natural world, reconnecting with solitude, and sleeping under the open sky.
We have already helped facilitate this unique camping experience via RV travel. Now we are excited to offer a whole new form of outdoor adventure: tent camping!
Thanks to the Ultimate Tent Camping Package, customers can now experience our thrilling pre-booked travel itineraries while camping in a tent, which comes with all the comforts and necessities needed for an enjoyable, memorable camping adventure.
For customers arriving in Canada by plane, they do not have to worry about difficult-to-pack camping gear. With everything from a spacious tent, warm sleeping bags, and camping chairs to cooking and cleaning supplies, all your customers will need to think about is how good it feels to soak in their natural surroundings. The Ultimate Tent Camping Package will ensure that your customers’ comfort, pleasure, and convenience are all covered.

    Ultimate Tent Camping Package

    The Ultimate Tent Camping Package can be added to En Route travel itineraries in West Canada, along with pre-booked campgrounds, ferries, activities, our Travel Book, the Travel App and emergency number. The tent package can be picked up on travel…

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