About ERTCU Travel Group

Nice to meet you, and welcome to ERTCU Travel Group! We are here to fulfill vacation dreams.

ERTCU was born in 2016 when two outdoor enthusiasts decided to turn their passion for Canada and their in-depth knowledge of the RV industry into a receptive tour company. We specialize in all-inclusive RV travel packages for the on-the-go traveller wanting to explore all that Canada and Western USA have to offer.

What We Offer

Under our divisions En Route Travel Canada and En Route Travel USA, we are the bridge between a breadth of Canadian and Western USA tourism suppliers and tour operators in the international and domestic travel trade (B2B2C).

As North America’s leading specialist in innovative RV travel, we organize unforgettable self-guided, pre-booked RV itineraries, both for independent travelers and guided travel groups.

These itineraries and our end-to-end receptive services include the following:

  • A customized RV-specific travel route designed to customers’ wishes
  • Campgrounds, hotel and ferry reservations
  • RV rental bookings
  • Activities and other experiences to individualize each itinerary and make it even more unforgettable
  • A printed and online Travel Book and Travel App with the daily itinerary, detailed highlights all along the way, destination information, vouchers, road map and other pertinent information
  • And much more!

Why We Care

Our founders immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands with their family in 2003. They quickly found themselves entrenched in Canada’s RV industry. Half of the duo served as General Manager for Fraserway RV’s flagship rental depot, Canada’s largest RV rental company. The other half managed operational projects and social media for a number of RV companies.

As campsite availability continued to shrink and tourists struggled to successfully reserve spots in time, the founders constantly heard frustrations about the need for an easier way to build exciting RV itineraries for tourists. Secondly, with Canada being such a vast country, they saw an opportunity to use their knowledge of Canada to help tourists navigate their desired destinations. This unique position fused their diverse experience in operations and logistics with a deep understanding of what tourists look for when they come to explore Canada.

How We Work

We are constantly developing new routes and drive all of these routes ourselves so that we can recommend them with confidence. After building outstanding relationships with our suppliers, we provide tour operators with a wide range of attractive standard and customized itineraries for FIT and guided groups. We also visit all of our suppliers regularly and add new suppliers as we go. Because of these contacts we have established, travellers will enjoy a premium RV experience and be looked after every step of the way.

We love North America and want them to experience its beautiful regions that first inspired us to build our business.

Partner with us today and learn how we can help your customers discover the endless adventure that awaits.