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Our objective is to offer our industry partners a portal where you can find out more about our products and services, where we provide answers to any ERTCU/Canada/USA/RV/Camping related questions you might have, which keeps you up to date of relevant industry, destination and activities news, and lastly shows you our destinations through the eyes of an RVer.

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Are you a travel specialist working with our products in a product, sales or marketing team? A North-American campground, activity or lodge operator, or other industry supplier? Are you a DMO or destination specialist? Then this portal is exclusively for you.

Retail customers and non-partnered tour operators will not be granted access, thus providing a dedicated platform where we can share information increasing your product knowledge.

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The entire website is restricted and password protected. No problem, access is easily obtained by filling in the basic registration. Click on the Registration button in the top right corner of this page.

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Curated Content

Our informative articles are written with the rental-RV-holidays-selling-travel-specialist in mind. The content is created by industry partners like our amazing suppliers, DMOs and other destination or RV-ing specialists, or by the ERTCU team. But also other relevant sector information is shared.

This portal also gives you access to many inspirational routes in Canada and the US, and an overview of the experiences, rv-rentals and ferries that makes each holiday unforgettable

Our articles handle one topic at a time, and through our search filters it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Cannot find the topic you are looking for? Send us your topic and we will write an article answering your question.

Questions and Answers

Do you have any questions about En Route Travel Canada or En Route Travel USA, our products and services? Want to know more about specific destinations or activities, or about things-to-do during a certain travel day? Not sure how an RV works, or how it is to drive one in North America? Or anything else??

Send us your questions through a contact form, via email or by phone and we will reply to you by return. If your question is of general interest we will also write an article about it.