About En Route Travel Canada

At En Route Travel Canada we excel at helping you and your customers plan an exceptional camper-vacation.

En Route Travel Canada is a Receptive Tour Operator working in the RV rental segment. We represent various products of Canadian and Northern USA tourism suppliers exclusively to overseas tour operators in the international B2B travel trade.

We are specialized in offering an innovative range of flexible pre-booked RV itineraries for independent travelers (FIT) and (guided) groups.

We offer standard and tailor-made itineraries and our end-to-end receptive services include the logistics of planning the route as well as booking RVs, hotels, campgrounds, tours, activities, attractions, ferries, etc.

What kind of itinerary is your customer looking for? 

Whether your customer is planning a family vacation with young children, an adventurous camper-trip for two, an unforgettable family experience with thrill seeking teenagers, a quiet getaway from everything and everyone…. We have the access and knowledge to create the ideal camper-trip in Canada for all visitors.

  • Go off-the-rack: select a standard itinerary and let us know the dates. We will take care of the rest.
  • Go for a tailored fit: if you want to personalize the trip, you can either enhance any existing itinerary with some great add-ons or we can start from scratch and customize inspiring journeys and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your customers.

Why pre-arranged and pre-booked? 
• Take the hassle out of planning and booking the trip.
• Peace of mind knowing that everything is planned by trusted professionals.
• No need to waste time to go campground-hunting early in the day while on vacation or to be disappointed that a certain activity is sold out.
• Best available campsites are booked for your customers.
• Convenient one-stop-shopping, including hotels, campers, campgrounds, tours, activities, ferries, etc.
• With the help of the En Route Travel Book, travellers get suggestions on what to see and do.
• Pre-paying for campgrounds etc. allows travellers to budget for the vacation with greater certainty.

Included in all Routes:

Pre-booked RV Campgrounds
All our itineraries include private or public campground reservations.

En Route Travel Book 
Visitors receive an individualized En Route Travel Book in their own language with tips on how to prepare for the trip, Canadian traffic rules, the route, their detailed itinerary, local tourist information, vouchers for booked campgrounds, tours, activities, ferries, etc. Easy and worry free!

Mobile itinerary app
Travellers have instant itinerary access on their mobile devices while en route with offline maps and real-time itinerary updates in case something must be changed along the way.

Online itinerary publishing 
We provide personalized online itineraries for every booking, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So, the visitor has access to itinerary information worldwide and the information can be shared with family and friends.

Emergency number
If an unforeseen problem does arise in regards to reservations, we will assist travellers over the phone. We will provide them with a toll-free emergency number and are available 24/7.