Cars and RVs no longer allowed on Moraine Lake Road

⚠️ Parks Canada is making changes to how visitors access Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in summer 2023⚠️

Due to safety concerns and negative visitor experience caused by very high, 24-hour visitor demand for parking that far surpasses capacity, personal vehicles will not be allowed on Moraine Lake Road.

Visitors wishing to see Moraine Lake in summer 2023 will have four options for visiting the lake:

▶️Reserve a seat on the Parks Canada shuttle

▶️Take Roam Public Transit from Banff with the ‘superpass’ and connect to Moraine Lake from Lake Louise via the Lake Connector Shuttle

▶️Use a commercial transportation provider like a charter bus, guided tour or taxi

▶️Bike the Moraine Lake Road

More details on changes to accessing the lake can be found here: