Seven Sisters Hwy 16 between Terrace and Hazelton

Highway 16: Smithers to Terrace and Prince Rupert

In Northern BC, Smithers and Terrace draw outdoor enthusiasts for salmon fishing, boating, and camping in the summer and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. From small-town Smithers, drive north to the Hazeltons area, where you can learn about First Nations culture at ‘Ksan Historical Village and Museum. Then follow Highway 16 west along the mighty Skeena River and take in the glorious Seven Sisters Peaks in the Seven Sisters Park and Protected Area. Here, you can spot everything from mountain goats to grizzly and black bears. The park is roughly 115 kilometres (71 miles) from Smithers, but the roadside views continue another 85 kilometres (53 miles) to Terrace.

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