Our USPs

Our Team

  • Our entire team is originally from Europe (Netherlands and Germany), and are living in Canada and US for many years
  • All of us have extensive knowledge in B2B Travel Trade/tourism in general, and in the Rental RV industry specifically

Self-Guided RV Fly-Drives

  • In short, we offer fly-drives, and instead of a prebooked self-drive itinerary with a regular car and hotels we provide self-guided RV itineraries with prebooked campgrounds, activities and ferries
  • All our itineraries self-guided include daily driving directions, highlights along the way, and information about the destination and the campground, and for activities and ferries if booked through us

Our Routes

  • Our legs are specifically developed for visitors travelling by Rental RV
    • An RV does not travel as fast as a car, and the distances in our itineraries reflect the slower speed, allowing for lots of time to explore along the way
    • Not all roads are suitable for RV travel
  • We drive all routes ourselves, and meet (campground) suppliers regularly
  • Legs follow scenic routes where possible, not the quickest “Google Maps” directions
  • Highlights along the Way follow the daily directions

Campground reservations

  • We book campgrounds for each night, so visitors have the freedom to explore all day, knowing that at the end of the day a campsite is secured for them
  • We make reservations at private and public (Provincial, State and National Parks) campgrounds
    • On average, an itinerary has 12-15 different campground booking moments
    • As standard, we book a mix of public and private campgrounds
    • Preferred mix can be requested as
      • Standard (a mix of Rustic and Comfortable)
      • Rustic (mainly public/nature campgrounds)
      • Comfortable (mainly private campgrounds with more amenities)


  • We book ferries with a) a timed departure, and b) the sailing. Even if a visitor misses the timed departure or is a bit earlier at the ferry terminal, they can take another sailing that day
  • We book many activities and experiences, all accessible by RV, or by public transportation from the campground we book
  • We also offer RV Rentals

Our Services

  • Our services also include
    • a digital Travel Book which can be downloaded in PDF
    • Online & Offline itineraries in browser and App
    • and in-country Customer Care support
  • Digital Travel Book will be sent to Tour Operator approximately 2 months prior to departure
  • All content is available in 3 languages: English, German and Dutch
  • In-Country Support is available
    • daily from 8AM-8PM PST
    • through phone, chat, email and Whatsapp

More about us

  • We offer itineraries in Western Canada, South and Northwestern USA and the Maritimes, with more destinations and legs being developed daily
  • We are fully licensed and carry industry standard liability insurance.
  • We pay all suppliers directly and in advance, so no guest will have to use their own credit card to pay anything
  • We only sell our products and services through tour operators and will not sell directly to consumers. Consumers will therefore be covered by Consumer Laws of the reselling tour operator’s country
  • ERTCU Travel Group was awarded
    • 2022 Supplier of the Year – by the Canadian Camping & RV Council
    • 2022 Canadian Tourism Award Small or Medium Business of the Year – by Tourism Industry Association of Canada
  • ERTCU Travel Group
    • is a Biosphere Committed Company
    • is an Equal Opportunity employer
    • has adopted a Non-Discrimination Policy
  • We take our guests by the hand, allow them to explore Canada and the US at their leisure from the luxury of an RV. And as a service we make campground reservations, so that all our guests have full days to visit all the highlights, worry free and not in a hurry


  • the freedom to spend the day exploring, to visit all these actual spots you’ve seen on all the beautiful pictures.The feeling of not being rushed, that there’s a campground waiting for you at the end of the day
  • Knowing that you can follow your plan, follow your dream, and that you have the entire day to do just that
  • There are many beautifully situated campgrounds in North America. While on a campground you can experience them for free, these indescribable moments when you sit in front of the camper on a starry night, everything around you sinks into the deepest darkness and silence, and you finally feel that feeling that is the reason for the RV trip to Canada or the US: freedom