Digital Travel Book

All travelers booking an En Route Travel Canada or En Route Travel USA itinerary receive an individualized digital En Route Travel Book!

The Digital Travel Book:

  • The Travel Book is available in English, German and Dutch
  • There is a large section with tips on how to prepare for the trip to North America, as well as Canadian and USA traffic rules and other good-to-know topics for when travelling by RV
  • The detailed itinerary section has daily information on all services we have booked. Think of amenities, supplier services, directions, phone numbers, etc
  • The daily itinerary section also features the Destination for that day, the Directions, and Highlights along the Way with local tourist information and suggestions
  • Last but not least it also includes all vouchers for booked campgrounds, tours, activities, ferries and park passes

Here’s a short introduction:

Do you prefer a printed book? No problem

  • You can export the Travel Book as a full colour PDF file. Ready for sharing, or for use on a tablet or laptop
  • You can also print the Travel Book
  • The PDF also contains all the vouchers for all booked campgrounds, tours, activities, ferries. We will also attach a PDF of all vouchers to the email we send you with the link to the Digital Travel Book.